Living During COVID-19 just might be the Time to Consider One of These Burner Phones?

Sample batch of older cell phones.

We’re living in a new era of unpredictability. Will the Government, both Local and Federal, soon be watching your every move through tracking your cell phone? Who knows? Yes, we should help out when we want to, not when they want to. I was born in 1950 and during my lifetime there has been talk about “Big Brother” watching you. Well, 70 years later that seems more real every day. We have heard of burner phones. The Urban Dictionary defines Burner Phone. A separate phone used for business purposes, usually for drug deals. It also can be called a “burn phone.”

I don’t think there is a complete burner phone available in 2020. To activate a cell phone you need to give quite a bit of information. I am not suggesting setting yourself up to be completely hidden like a drug dealer. I am just saying that you might not want to stand out in the middle of a ten-acre field in a thunderstorm holding an umbrella either. When you carry your iPhone 11 and your Samsung S20 you are a target for hundreds of apps and tracking devices. Every day there are more and more ways for someone to track your every move. As time goes by, we won’t be able to stop them all, but why not be aware and maybe slow some of them down. Wouldn’t it be nice to leave the house and just have a cell phone which is minutes only and not a full-fledged computer system that most of us carry with us everyday? We call it a smartphone. That’s right, minutes only. You will buy a plan that has no data available. I don’t have all of the exact tracing information. I know that they can track you from the last ping from a cell tower and all of that stuff that you see on cable. But they can’t pin you at an exact spot if you are using a dumb phone and you don’t have data service. 

So, it might feel kinda good to leave the house with your dumb phone. You can call for help if you need to, and you won’t be tempted with all of the distractions. You will be harder to track, and you might enjoy your time more away from the house. Your smartphone will be there when you get home, and you can have fun checking on all the people who didn’t contact you.

Here are the links for the phones.

The phones start around $13.99 with free shipping.

Here is the link for the sim card

Select Plan 1 it’s $5.00 for 30days, includes 100minutes, and 100SMS That’s all you need, remember you won’t be using it except for an emergency. They do charge you $5.60 shipping, so the online payment is $10.60 total

So, there is something to think about During COVID-19. For about $25.00 then $5.00 a month, you could travel out of the house and not be as easy to track. It’s going to feel good to be able to get back out there.

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